Everyone has a story. Unique. Compelling. Fun. Inspiring. Passionate.

Your story is worth telling. I'm here to document yours. The joy and laughter, silliness and fun, tears and love...ah, the priceless moments captured forever in time. These are the moments when you, your children and their children will look back to share and celebrate.

Photography has enabled me to be part of the most important moments of someone's lives. I’ve been blessed with the honor to capture these moments. My style is to capture the events of the day as they unfold, occasionally interjecting to give directions. For the most part, I observe patiently and quietly for the genuine candid moments. It is extremely important to me that your story is captured as it is taking place and remembered for its unique, compelling, fun, inspiring and passionate moments.

CHIU MEI (pronounced "Chew May") is a photographer based in New Jersey. He loves taking pictures of people but finds his passion in weddings. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, traveling and following his favorite sports teams. He loves his wife and Jesus, and treasures spending time with family and friends. Almost as important, a great cup of coffee is a must.